Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cardiology check up and a slippery slope

Kale had his cardiology check up and things went fine. His WPW is still present but no medicine is needed because he continues to not have SVT or any other problems. We pray it continues this way. Its our understanding that when Kale gets older, he will have the surgery to close off the extra pathway.

Side note: I don't know which one of you said the prayer about Kale laying still for the EKG, but it seriously worked. You can now pray that we win the lotto! Seriously, I don't know if I have ever seen him be that still for that long without being sick or asleep. He amazed both of his parents, who I think were both holding their breath in hopes that he would lay still.

I left the appointment feeling a mixture of frustration and blessings. I know Kale's situation could be so much worse. However, since we took him home at 24 days old, we have been waiting for this appointment to find out if he would be one of the 30% who healed without surgery. And he is not in that 30%. Kind of a let down. But, at least now we know.

I had apparently allowed my anxiety get just a tad out of control or had reverse PMS or maybe a little of both of those situations, because I went on a McDonald's binge after we left the hospital. I needed a fast lunch for Kale and chose the closest place to his school. You would think that a parent who just left a cardiology clinic with a child would do a little better. Fail! Oh well. He actually ate half his cheeseburger and fries. I devoured my 1/4 pounder, fries (oops), and coke (whoops). I hurried us through lunch and got him to school so he could maybe nap for the last hour of nap time. It worked. I then tried to kill my screaming headache with a hot fudge/caramel sundae from McDonald's before heading back to work. Told you I binged!

However, my son put me to shame last night. Holy Moly that kid loves some refried beans and rice and cheese dip. His stomach felt like he swallowed a softball. He was still eating when we were done...and that NEVER happens! I am glad I remembered to give him some gas drops before he went to sleep. Whew!

This morning, right after he woke up and just before he peed the bed....I asked Kale if he went to the doctor yesterday. He said yes. I asked what the doctor checked. He looked at me, put his hand right over his heart, and said Kale's heart. It was just too cute. I was really impressed that after a night's sleep that he was able to remember that.

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