Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unexpected Snow Day

I keep track of the weather. Its rare for me to be surprised when it starts raining or storming outside. I especially pay attention to threats of winter weather. In fact, I am known within my team to be the weather guru. Yeah, well, we are only a 6 person team at the moment. However, I was quite surprised to hear sleet hitting our windows very early on Monday morning. It accumulated very quickly. Our forcast had been for rain...about 1-2 inches and said we "might" see some sleet or snow randomly mixed in.

Monday morning brought at least an inch of sleet coating everything and then covered with a dusting of snow. You could still see the grass. The weathermen kept saying it would warm up and turn to rain--and it eventually did, but only AFTER we had nearly 5 inches of snow on top of the original sleet. I am pretty sure these guys on our deck weren't expecting the winter weather either! If you look close enough, you will notice that the bulldozer has eyes too.

Before the heavy snow started falling, Ep attempted to go to work. I knew better than to try to convince him to stay home. So, I actually kept my mouth shut. Yes, I know hard to believe! However, I laughed my tail off as Kale and I watched Ep back out of the driveway and never make it one inch forward. You can see where he tried here....and you can see where he finally gave up here...and don't miss the fact that the tire tracks go from one side of the road to the other...We did eventually manage to get his car back into our driveway, but not before he ended up going all the way down the rest of the hill backwards.

We all enjoyed a great nap on our snow day. Until the a big KABOOM woke us up. Kale kept sleeping. He didn't care that we had just lost power. We waited until almost dark to light our fireplace. We tried to boil water on the outdoor grill (didn't work) and so we settled for hot dogs and soup warmed up on grill. We pulled a queen mattress into the living room and made a nice cozy family bed. We were watching this as we all started to doze off to sleep.

And with great timing, Entergy restored our power just as Ep and Kale had dozed off. Everything beeped and buzzed. We let the house warm up a bit and then put Kale in his bed and we crawled into ours. Whew, we survived 7 hours without electricity. Except for a dying cell phone battery...I think we did great! Oh, except for the part where Kale couldn't understand that no matter how many times he asked or for what dvd he asked for...we couldn't turn on his favorite shows.

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