Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Scout

Dear Scout,

Mommy is failing you. As second born, you are suffering from second born syndrome.  I am sorry. In order to get it recorded, I am going to post some random things about you.

1. All meals are called lunch, no matter the time of day.
2. A parade is called a harrade.(huh-raid)
3. Your daddy loves it that you say "pleae I can" when asking permission.
4. You are asking permission less these days and are quick to show your attitude and displeasure of not getting your way. I think this often scares your daddy. You aren't afraid to put your hands on ypur hips and give a glare af someone.
5. There is always a 50/50 chance you are wearing panties. Please get this out of your system now. Daddy won't survive this phase if you hang onto it when you grow older.
6. Your mimi and your lovies are going to be the last toddler things for you. We have told you the mimis go away when you turn 3 in a few weeks. You agree. Pretty sure you won't agree in a couple of weeks.
7. You don't really like to wear shoes.
8. We aren't allowed to touch your feet. You will clean between your toes like a monkey, but we better not try to touch your feet. Ever!
9. When I have my back to you and you are cuddled up to me, there is a good shot that you will try to put your feet down the back of my undies. Pretty sure you and bubby haven't discussed this, despite the fact that he did the same thing at your age.
10. We all adore you and love you to the moon and back, especially your brother.

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