Saturday, November 19, 2011


Its been ages since my last post.  I can't even begin to fathom how I will catch up.  So....

Kale turned four, had a party at the park, had a great time, he threw a 2 year old fit (twice), he really liked his presents.

Scout started eating cereal around four months...moved on to baby food mixed in around 5.5 months...had an allergic reaction to instant mashed potatoes (can't be outdone by brother) which required an ER visit and now we think maybe she is allergic to milk?  She loves sweet potatoes, squash, and bananas.  She isn't sure about green beans.  The coming weeks will bring carrots and peas to her mouth.

Speaking of eating...its paying off for Scout.  She went from 14lbs 5oz to 15lbs 5oz in a matter of a few weeks.   Her body weight shifts a lot though: at the ER she weighed 15lbs 10oz....and the NEXT day at the doctor she weighed 15lbs 15oz.

Since she is packing on the weight, Scout has started her own exercise program.  Its called the "roll, wiggle, scoot, and rock to get where she wants" program.  She really got into it this week.  Its a matter of moments or days until she is crawling and then I will be dead.  So, if you don't see another post from me, that is why.

Kale is, well, Kale.  He loves his little sister to the moon and back.  He truly adores her and compliments her daily.  Several times a week, he will randomly tell me that "I love my baby sister".  Melts my heart.  He is lashing out a bit at me and his dad.  Don't blame him.  The only constant in his life this year has been unexpected change.  New houses (twice), new school (twice), and a baby sister.  He likes structure and knowing how things are going to be...and he can't figure out his daddy's work schedule at all.  Heck, I can't figure out my husband's work schedule most of the time either.  Kale is the kind of kid who wants to know who/where/what/when/how ALL the time.

Kale recently spent the night at my parent's house and while he was there, he learned the hard lesson about who is in charge.  He thought he was in charge.  By the time he came home, he knew my parent's were in charge.  I asked him, "Kale, who is in charge at Mema/Papaw's house?" and he replied "Mema and Papaw".  I then got hopeful and followed up with "so who is in charge at our house" and the kid didn't miss a beat and said, "I AM!".  We are slowly trying to change that.  Given that he got a double shot of stubbornness, strong will, persistence, and "I like things my way"....this isn't going to be an easy or quick battle and we know it.

My work keeps me busy.  I hit the door running and don't stop all day.  My day starts with kid related stuff, moves on to work, goes back to kid stuff, and then ends when everyone else is in bed.  I randomly might get to bed before my husband about one night every few weeks.  Kale still wants me to lay down with him and its going to be a hard wean to get him away from that addiction.  It doesn't help that his mommy enjoys that cuddle time with him.  We are just enabling each other.

My husband seems to work all the time these days.  Such is life when you are a wildlife officer in the middle of major hunting seasons in a huge hunting state.

We are trying to find the new normal and settle.  We will see....

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