Sunday, December 4, 2011

God's Rule and God knows

My husband enjoys a nightly bedtime snack of Oreo's and milk.  Most times, he waits until Kale has gone to bed before indulging.  Tonight, either the snack time came early or God had a point to prove.  You choose.  I'm going with God having a point.

Kale discovered his daddy indulging in one of his favorite snacks.  When I say his, I mean both of them.  Kale asked his daddy to share.  Knowing that Kale has enjoyed several "snacks" since dinner, he firmly told him no.

Kale did what most four year old boys would do when daddy doesn't share.  He told on him.  Kale came to me and firmly said, "Daddy isn't sharing.  God tells us to share.  God says daddy should share."  Um, yes son, you are correct.  I couldn't help but laugh and told Ep good luck with that one.

Ep laughed as Kale climbed up in his lap and took over the Oreo's and milk.

God knew we needed the laugh.
God has been making us pay for our raising all afternoon with Kale, who has been a hellion on wheels.
God knew I needed the reminder that the sacrifices ($$$$) are worth it for the Christian daycare he attends.
God knew Kale probably needed a relaxing moment in his daddy's lap.
God just knew.

God has rules and God knows....I am reminded of these things because my husband wouldn't share his Oreo cookies.

Funny how God works.

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