Monday, December 19, 2011

The road to flirting

When I arrived to pick up Scout from school today, I found her in an excersaucer jabbering with a little boy in the exersaucer next to her.  She was giving him an earful.  He was laughing at her.  It was incredibly funny and all I could do was stand there and take it in.  I was able to get a little bit of video of her "talking" to him and him laughing at her like he knew what she was saying and that it was funny.  She has been "talking" a lot in the past 24 hours...but here is the video so you can hear it as well!

I am not quite sure what her daddy is going to think of her talking to boys already...she totally acted shy when she realized I was watching her talk to him.  Cracked me up!  She then started being all kinds of coy.  I think we just started down the road of "Scout the obvious flirt".

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