Thursday, May 14, 2009

Morning Rituals

Kale has some morning rituals. Some he shares with me...and one he gets directly from his dad. I will leave it up to you to figure it out...

  1. If I am still in bed when he wakes up, he must get in bed with me. Usually, this is just long enough to get under the covers and then kick his way back out. The only way to keep him there long enough to get a good cuddle is to get out the trusty iPhone.
  2. This morning, before he even got in bed with me, he put his hand to his head and rubbed while saying "pwwweeaase?" Let me decode that for you. He was asking if I was going to take a shower and if he could take the shower with me. It takes strategy and help from MemaNana if I want to take a quick and solo shower these days...and this morning he got in with me.
  3. He knows that after the shower, I brush my teeth. Thus, he believes he should brush his. I can't complain about this idea! However, he usually does not want to wait to be dried off from the shower before he is already at the sink for another round of "pweeaaase?" complete with banging his hand on the sink area. I give him his toothbrush, complete with toothpaste and rinsed in water and banged on the side of the sink. Skip any of these steps and he will let you know about it. And off he goes with this toothpasty toothbrush....until he gets distracted and drops it on the floor. We are working on that part...picking up the toothbrush and laying it on the bathroom vanity. Its a work in progress.
  4. As soon as he sees me with shoes on, a jacket on, or my keys in hand (or all three)...he goes bonkers for the door. MemaNana can NOT get her shoes on fast enough. As soon as the door is opened into the enclosed garage, he is gone. He beats me to the exterior door most mornings. He does not care whether he is clothed or not...he MUST go outside to wave and tell me bye-bye. I get a goodbye kiss most mornings. Its a great way to leave the house, if I have to leave him behind.
  5. Somewhere along the way, he gives a morning "gift" of the stinky variety. It lands in his diaper. Even people who can't smell well usually don't miss the clues that something has happened in Kale's diaper. Most mornings he waits until I have left the house to deliver the package. Poor MemaNana.
Now...all that said...aren't my mornings great? Can you tell which part of the morning process comes directly from his dad? Hahahahaha!!!!

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Ellen Turney said...

I love this!!! That's my boy!