Friday, June 18, 2010

A note from the teacher...

All this madness started with a note from Kale's teacher a few weeks ago. She watched me pull the note out and read it. She then laughed at me because her theory had been right. My eyes about feel out of my head. The note was to let me know, that despite it probably being a shock to us (his parents), Kale was ready to start wearing underwear. After I got done picking my eyeballs (they bugged out) and chin up off the floor, I laughed too. The only word I could muster: REALLY?

She told me he had been asking to "go" during the day at school and was pretty much staying dry in his pull-up. Meanwhile, at home, he was pretty much avoiding the potty. No amount of asking him if he needs to go, asking him to sit and try, or just waiting for him to say he needed to go was working.

I took Kale and the note home. On the drive home, I found myself a little sad by the idea of my little boy leaving the diapers behind...yes, I know this sounds insane...who in thier right mind would mourn leaving behind the cost of buying and changing diapers! Still, it was just another reminder that my baby is quickly becoming a big boy...ugh! We arrived at home and Ep came out ot help us unload from the car and I handed him the note. His eyeballs hit the driveway and I scrambled to grab them...ok, not really, but they did bug out! I believe the only word he managed was: Really?

So, we went inside and Kale put on underwear. He was on his third pair by bedtime. We weren't so sure he was ready for this. The next day at school, he proved just how much of a different kid he is there. He stayed dry ALL DAY!

Since then, its been a journey. He still has accidents quite frequently at home. I am thinking about moving his potty to the kitchen area, as that seems to be where he pees in the floor the most (and then tells me to "fix it mommy"). Just this morning, he created not one but two puddles there. They were a few inches apart because he tried to inch his way toward the bathroom while clamping his legs together. I tried not to laugh or groan at him. Spend a day with us right now and it will be clear to you that we don't know what we are doing with this whole potty training business. We just know there is a lot of frustration, confusion, and a little bit of humor involved.

Oh, and we are thankful that the note from the teacher was not similar to the ones we can't help but expect to get when he is older....

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