Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last day of class and a girlfriend

While the majority of everyone around us seems to be reporting in on their child(ren)'s first day of school, we are winding down our last day of class here.  Well, our last day of class with Ms Vivian. 

Kale started school last July and within a month it was time for promotions, which is when he joined Ms Vivian's class.  That makes Ms Vivian his first teacher.  God bless her.  They both survived!  She even potty trained him.  Can we make her a saint now?  This is Ms Vivian and Kale:

And this is the teacher from the other portion of the split classroom, Ms Chasity.  I am not sure who will miss Kale more...Vivian or Chasity.  There hasn't been a day when Chasity hasn't greeted or said goodbye to Kale.  This is Ms Chasity and Kale:

Tomorrow, school is closed to prepare for the big promotion.  Cubbies are cleaned out, belongings are sent home, and (hopefully) all the toys and books are cleaned.  On Monday, each kid goes to a new class.  For Kale's class, pretty much the only thing changing is the location and the teacher.  Every single kid in his current class will be in his new 3 kids from the adjoining classroom and 2 kids that he doesn't yet know.  So, out of 11 other kids in his class, he is already very familiar with 9 of them.  Thankfully, this aslo means his girlfriend will be his new class as well.  Whew.  We don't need heartbreak at almost 3 years old. 

Yeah, my son has a girlfriend.  Go ahead and roll your eyes.  Yet, if you ask him who his girlfriend is...he will tell you.  Its Fwoane.  No her name is not Fwoane.  Its Sloane.  But he can't say it correctly and so it comes out Fwoane.  Ask him about her and he grins.  Anytime I talk to her, she beams her little grin at me and then cuts her eyes to him.  Apparently, if you can be smitten at 2, then they are smitten with one another.  Oh, and do NOT make the mistake of asking him if someone else is his girlfriend.  I did that the other day and it went like this:

Kale: my friends are boys
Me: what about Sloane?
Kale: she is my girlfriend
Me: is Jolie your girlfriend?
Kale: no
Me: is Ainsley your girlfriend?
Me: busted out laughing and finally recomposed myself enough to say, OK!

So this is Kale and Sloane:
I asked them to stand by each other.  She obliged and stood there smiling and calm with her hands clasped in front of her.  Kale on the otherhand...well, he pretty much lived up to his "Mr. Mischief" shirt today.

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