Monday, August 9, 2010

Round and Round We Go...where we stop, nobody knows!

The title says it all right now.  Round and round we go.  Life hasn't been boring lately.  Here is a preview...and just maybe I will get around to posting more in detail about a few of these events.

My husband was unexpectedly available to have this past week off work.  We rearranged a few agenda items and made a great week of it.  We started at camp for a few days, and then jaunted to my parents house to be around for the welcoming of our new nephew.  Then, we jaunted some more and landed at my in-laws house for a few days. 

In the midst of all this, we have been embracing some changes in our routines and finding blessings in what some would call a hardship.  Moreso, God has reminded us constantly that we are in His hands and that He will see us through our struggles.  We have even had unexpected glimpses of perspective tossed at us. 

It was a great week full of welcoming new life, finding blessings, and just letting go of all the stress/struggles of our everyday life at home. Thank you to everyone who hosted us and thanks for loving on us!

The coming weeks have agenda items of people turning 40 (not us!), transition to a new class at school for Kale, figuring out a new normal, and saying a lot of prayers that fall doesn't get shy and take forever to show up because we are tired of this heat!

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