Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You know you want to read this, it is about HERPES!

Ok, my goal here isn't to be an advertising machine.  However, I do try to share when I come across a really good deal or product.  If you are like me and get cold sores (fever blisters or herpes type whatever that you get on your face), then you probably notice that they seem to show up more during the winter or when you are stressed.  That lovely little sore appears and hangs around for a few weeks.  I don't suffer from much vanity, but even I feel quite conscious of that little sore on my mouth and often feel like it is taking up my whole face.  Ugh.  Anyway....

For years, I have been using Zovirax topical to treat my cold sores.  Seriously y'all, it cuts the life of those things in half!  There have even been instances where I have felt the sore coming (oh, the familiar itch or burn) and put Zovirax on it...and the sore was gone 3 days later.  I swear.  Yes, really.  I have recommended it a couple of times to family or friends and each of them became a Zovirax believer after they gave it a try.  My little tube of Zovirax lives in my purse.  I have tried some of the over the counter stuff--NOTHING works like this stuff! 

If you get these little sores, then you are bound to be interested, right?  I mean, who wants a sore on thier face any longer than it has to be there? 

So here is the deal...you can try this stuff out AND get a rebate on your co-pay!  Most people will only end up paying $0 to $15 to try this stuff out.  Here is the simple path:

Go here to print out your coupon/rebate form (be sure to PRINT!)
Ask your doctor for a prescription
Turn in your prescription and rebate form. 
Use Zovirax on your next cold sore or fever blister.
You won't be sorry! 

Worried about this being a scam?  It isn't.  I did this for the rebate on my next script.  Here is what you see when you fill out the rebate page:

Thank you for your interest in learning more about ZOVIRAX. We will be sending you the most up-to-date information about ZOVRIAX via e-mail.

In the meantime, take advantage of our rebate for ZOVIRAX Cream. You'll pay only $15.00* on co-pays up to $50.00. the best part? You'll receive the rebate instantly. So there are no receipts to photocopy or save -- just bring the rebate form with you when you go to pick up your prescription of ZOVIRAX Cream at the pharmacy.

*Attention Patient: If your co-pay or pharmacy bill exceeds $15.00, present this certificate to the pharmacist for an instant rebate of "upto" a maximum of $35.00 for each product. If your total out of pocket pharmacy bill exceeds $50.00 for any single product, you will be responsible for the additional balance. Not valid with any other offer.

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