Thursday, November 18, 2010

....all night long

Ahem.  Let it be known that Kale slept ALL NIGHT LONG in HIS BED last night.  I laid down with him last night because it was thundering at bed time.  He doesn't like thunder and hates lightning even more.  I ended up falling asleep and stayed there until around 9pm or so.  I was shocked that he wasn't in our bed already around 2am when I made the "I'm pregnant and can't go all night without visiting the restroom" run. 

Oh the praise that went on in our house this morning (silently to God, very vocally to Kale)! 

Side note and totally unrelated:  I purchased a favorite for Kale on Tuesday.  I bought peppermint chocolate kisses.  He saw the bag when I got home and immediately grabbed it off of the counter.  He asked twice for someone to open it and I delayed him with the comment "in a minute".  Turns out, he is pretty much a clone of me when it come to patience and a clone of both of us when it comes to persistence/independence.  I found him a few minutes later on the couch with an open bag of peppermint chocolate kisses.  He had already devoured two of them and was working on number 3....and had plenty more out of the bag as well.  He wasn't happen when his stash was returned to the kitchen and put out of his reach (read: inside the upper cabinets).  I asked Ep if he had opened the bag.  Nope.  Kale did it himself.  So, if you have candy...keep it out of his reach or its fair game, even if the entire package is not yet opened!

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