Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Laid out

This morning, Kale missed out on watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoons because he threw multiple fits.  Oh, the drama.  Oh, the withdrawal.  He survived.  

And I didn't tell him, but I recorded the two shows that he missed so that he would have something to watch tonight when he made his nightly request for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Yep, sneaky momma!

So, after greeting daddy and requesting a chocolate (or two), this is where he settled when I told him that I was turning on a brand new show for him!  I am pretty sure he was comfortable...
Oh...and he is not sick...just worn out from school and all the dancing around that he did when he got home.  He comes to life to ask for juice, cheese, and chocolate from time to time.  He has been up out of the chair twice since I took that picture a few minutes ago...and has resumed a pretty relaxed position back in "daddy's chair" pretty quickly. 

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