Wednesday, November 17, 2010


*Edited to add...this was written a few days ago...just now getting around to publishing...the irony of that the the topic of this post is not lost.

Remember that post about knowing that I was going to blink and it would be the middle of November?  Yeah, well, here we are.  I feel kind of dizzy.  Thanksgiving and my mom's birthday are a little more than a week away....and then it will be just Christmas just like *that*. 

With the help of medicine, a loving husband, a great mom, and many supportive friends and family....I have nearly survived the combination of work chaos combined with my first trimester.  Holy smokes, its just crazy how different that each pregnancy can be.  Poor Kale is quite perplexed when he sees my head hanging into the toilet...and has learned to ask "mommy, are you sick?".  Poor kid.  I wish I could tell him I was just thoroughly inspecting the inside of the toilet bowl, but then he would want to see it too.  He is a very inquisitive kid. 

My boss is also pregnant and is about 8 weeks ahead of me.  She had her ultrasound today and found out what she is having...and so now I have ultrasound envy.  Have I told you I am old?  Yes, I am old, according to my OB doc.  Or, rather, I will be by the time this baby arrives (35).  Thus, I get to have a "level 2" ultrasound sometime around 18 weeks...which happens to fall smack on Christmas.  Not sure if it will be scheduled before xmas or after...but I guess I should start having conversations with the baby about cooperating and not being shy on ultrasound day. 

Kale still doesn't know he is having a brother/sister.  We just haven't told him yet.  So, he is still blissfully ignorant to the fact that his world will be quite altered by next summer.  He will be a good and loving big brother, but he may not be very accepting of the situation at first.  I am ready to tell him soon...just waiting on my husband to be ready.  I can understand why he wants to delay...because the questions will be never ceasing and I am sure we will be told many times that the baby needs to come out now by our very impatient little man. 

In case you are wondering how tired I have been?  Here are some good examples.  My couponing has nearly become non-existent.  I haven't gone chasing Target or Walgreen deals in...a long time.  I passed up going out to eat with Kale and Ep on Friday the couch was my best friend at the end of a long and tiring week.  And the ultimate proof came yesterday when I had the chance to sneek in a Target run with my mom and decided to just go home instead. 

There...whew...thats the extent of what you have been missing in my life lately.  I know, call the paper...important stuff.  Or not.  I hope you are all doing well and that the holiday madness hasn't already sent you into a tizzy. 

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