Monday, April 13, 2009


Kale got up this morning and found that both his parents were up, showered, and dressed for the day. He wandered down the hall and came over to me to get/give a morning hug and cuddle. After that, he was off to visit his dad in the kitchen where he asked for "ilk". Ep and I promptly both snapped our heads to look at each other as if to say "did he just say that?". Our dear son humored us and asked for "ilk" several more times. We just grinned like idiots. His dad got him some "ilk", but it was soy milk and it was cold. Kale was expecting formula milk, which is normally given to him at room temperature. So...between the milk being cold and not tasting like his formula, he quicky yanked the cup out of is mouth and looked at it for a few seconds before deciding to take another swig. Then he gave the cup to his dad, walked over to the counter and pointed up to where we store the formula, and once again asked for "ilk". Well, its progress. We have a ways to go before he accepts the soy milk or the cold drinks, but at least we have started to transition from him just going to the counter, pointing up, and giving a general whine. At least now we get a word! :)

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