Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Its been a whirlwind weekend. I am not sure if it was the fact that we didn't stay in one place for 24 hours or all the "near misses", some of which turned into boo-boo's, that made it such whirlwind.

MemaNana took Kale to Alma on Thursday. Ep and I joined them there around 6pm on Friday. We enjoyed a rare moment to eat dinner with my brother and my parents. Kale was bound and determined to spend the night in the bed with me and Ep...did I mention its a regular (full) size bed? I eventually got him to sleep in my mom's bed. He then slept until 4am...and a bottle lulled him back to sleep until around 7:15am. By then, our internal alarms had gone off and we were up. Later in the morning, we thought a family breakfast was a good idea. As we all got dressed, I shut the door to our room to keep Kale from wandering around the house. Mistake. There WAS a 4 foot tall mirror leaned against the wall behind the door. Its been there for years. Its been there so long that I forget its there until I shut the door. Kale briefly flirted with the mirror the last time we were there. I remembered this about 3 seconds too late. He went over to the mirror and banged on it. I stood, half dressed, in utter shock as the mirror bounced off the wall a couple of times before Kale started running from it as it came down on him. He tried to go sideways to get out of the way, but the wall stopped him. I should mention, there is no carpet in that room--its concrete floor because my parents ripped out all the carpet but haven't put down new flooring yet. The mirror barely grazed him and did not hurt him, but shattered into what seemed like a million pieces around him. He was barefoot. As was I. Ep had shoes on and all I could say was "get him" and I think Ep told Kale not to move. As I took Kale from Ep, I was in complete awe that Kale was completely unharmed. He was hollering like something ate him...but of course, at nearly 18 months old, you don't expect something to come bouncing off the wall and shatter all around you. He was rightfully scared. As were we.
All was well. We enjoyed breakfast and then mom and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart while the boys went home. Then, the Fletcher crew headed north to the Cave. Kale slept the entire drive and we just kept driving while he slept. We got gas and a few essentials and then headed to the Cave. It rained off and on all day, but the skies cleared just in time for Fletcher's birthday party. For those of you who don't know, Fletcher is our nephew. Everyone seemed to have a good time, especially Kale. He found a wagon with water in it. He got to ride in his first motorized kid car (John Deere Gator). He got dirty. He had a blast.
Sunday morning, Kale's luck ran out. We were over at Fletcher's house to eat breakfast and while we were there, Kale tripped over some cords and bumped his noggin on the tile floor. Specifically, he bumped his nose. For the first time in months, he cried so hard that it took his breath. I heard him crying, and then it stopped too quickly. I was glad Ep had him. I heard Ep tell him to breathe and as I came into the room he was blowing in Kale's face. Kale quickly responded and wailed out another cry. His nose is bruised, but otherwise he seems fine. He took a long nap on the way home and has been burning up energy all afternoon.
To prove that he has his parent's trained. He just took the water bottle off the rabbit's cage. The bottle was too heavy for him and he dropped it. Both of his parents were within viewing distance of him and both of our heads snapped equally fast to his general direction. I reminded him that he isn't supposed to touch the water bottle. Now he is running around with his plastic golf club.

Oh...we are sooo paying for our raising!!!

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