Monday, April 6, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Ok, well, I am so far behind at this point that I am unsure when or if ever I will get caught up...and the only reason this is getting posted is because I know that by tonight my brain will be mush and I will have forgotten all of this...

  1. Last Friday, I had something happen that NEVER happens. I was all by myself for nearly 24 hours. Ep was fishing a tournament and Kale went home with Mema. So, I took full advantage of the situation. I started off by getting a pedicure. I was invited to stay for dinner at Robin's house when I stopped by to pick up a bag from her. I declined because I wanted to have ice cream for dinner. I stopped by Old Navy to use my 50% coupon and then went to snag my Walgreens deals for the week. Then I was off to score my ice cream. Serioulsy, nothing else sounded good, so ice cream it was. Yummy! I ate my ice cream and read my book in peace. Then I went home to watch the series finale of ER from start to finish without having to pause the DVR! AMAZING! I spent Saturday morning going from one yard to the next...or one garage to the next...ah...I love Saturday morning garage sales! I got some deals! Whoohooo! Then I snagged a new spring purse for $10 at Belk before heading to Russleville to pick up Kale. My dad had a gig there, so it was our meeting place.
  2. I should give a mom and Ep both make sure to give me some alone time. However, there is a BIG difference between last Friday/Saturday and from taking a few hours to yourself and having that little mommy/wife voice nagging in your head that you should be home with your people! They tell me to take my time, but that little nagging voice in my head won't shut up!
  3. Kale loves the park. He loves to slide. He got to explore both of these things in Russleville during the gig. He had a great time and slept most of the way back to Little Rock. He is still scared of my dad.
  4. We spent Sunday at home. It was nice. I cleaned. Ep made spaghetti and Kale scarfed it down. That boy loves him some spaghetti! We got lots of loving throughout the day from Kale. Sooo sweet! Oh, until he started biting again out of the blue. I immediately grabbed him and did the finger test. Sure enough, as I rummaged around inside his mouth, I found a new jagged little tooth cutting through. I am sure that we have a week of biting ahead.
  5. The little scoundrel pulled a new one today. Daddy was gone by the time we woke up. That means that Kale takes a shower with me or I don't get a we took our shower together. Nothing new there...and Kale knows the routine. We got dresssed and headed to Aunt Robin's house. As soon as I pulled into her driveway, the crying began. I was shocked. He knew where we were and what was about to happen. Where did that come from??? Ugh. So, we went in...him whimpering the entire way. That was at 9am. I finally left around 12:15 or so....I am a sucker. I called work and let them know it was going to be a while. To his credit, Kale was running a slight fever. The word clingy does not even begin to describe his behavior...the boy put saran wrap to shame! I tried to get him down for a nap. Apparently there are invivisble pins in the bottom of the pack/play because as soon as I tried to lay him down, his eyes snapped open and he yelled at me. Who is in charge here? Obviously not me. That will have to change. Today though, I was the sucker and he knew it! I was finally able to sneak off when Robin lured him to the window talking about birds and trees and flowers and such. When he realized I left, she said he whimpered but let her hold him. Well, that was at least a 90% improvement from 20 minutes earlier when he acted like she might try to kill him just by holding him! Oh, that boy....stubborn, controlling, wanting it only his way, clinging to his momma...jeesh, where in the world did he come up with those traits. Yep, that would be me. He is sooo my son!
Thats it for now. By the time I got to work, they had decided that instead of moving desks on Friday (which gave me all week to pack), we are moving desks tomorrow. Yep, four years of stuff gets packed in a few hours...oh the joy.

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Bekah said...

Hey Zook, that voice in your head, goes away, you learn to love you me time........