Friday, September 10, 2010

Finally Friday!

Hey y'all, its finallllllllllyyyyy Friday.  The past week has pretty much been a whirlwind of family, Vegas, and unexpected craziness.  I mean, normal everyday craziness is fine....but the craziness lately has really stepped it up a notch.  We will embrace the changes, but first we will embrace the WEEKEND!

We have big exciting plans tonight.  We are going...wait for it, wait for shopping!  Whoohooo!  Or not.  Actually, it will be kind of nice to just do something ordinary. 

Tomorrow, we plan to attend a tailgate party before the big Hog game and then head home to watch the game from the comfort of our living room. 

Sunday...we might have plans, but those plans don't require us to leave our house.  That will be nice.  I am sure that will be my opportunity to catch up on laundry as well.  Yippee!  Or not. 

Somewhere in there, I have to price and tag my items for the local huge consignment sale.  Last spring, I swore I would be done with all my sorting, pricing, and tagging before the weekend preceding the sale.  Whoops, totally missed that goal.  Oh well.  I was too busy living life in the moment.  I can live with that. 

Here is a helpful hint from Kale this week:  if you cry or whine during circle time at school, you have to leave hte circle and go sit in a chair. 

I am thinking that we need that chair at our house...

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