Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kale's babies

Kale has babies.  Not just one baby, mind you, he has two.  They are identical.  My son has twin babies.  They are magical babies because they light up and play lullabies.  His babies are what most people call a GloWorm. 

Nothing like waking up at midnight to a thud in the hallway, only to become awake enough to realize that its not your child that went thud.  It was one of his babies.  Its hard not to at least smile at Kale's little glowing face (thanks gloworm) as he comes to a halt on my side of the bed...waiting for me to haul him into the middle of our bed.  If both of those suckers aren't singing before I grab Kale, they are by the time I am done squishing him and them as I haul him into the middle of the bed. 

I won't lie.  Waking up in the middle of the night isn't fun.  However, seeing my son's little glowing sleepy face as he hugs his babies does warm my heart.  It gives me great hope that he will be just as great of a daddy as his own daddy has become. 

Yeah, we can pretty much file this entire post as you can go on about life. 

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