Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's the weekend!

Yea! Its finally the weekend. You know its been a crazy week when you forget to turn in your time sheet at work and your boss has to call you on Friday afternoon (because you left early to let your brain just relax).

This next week probably won't be any easier, but I am just hoping that nothing unexpected happens (yeah, ok, I need a reality check).

Fletcherville is gearing up for the Duck Duck Goose sale. That mean that MemaNana stayed this weekend and is going through her toy store...err..I mean Ebay finds...err...I mean piles and piles of toys. Papaw came down and got here sometime last night after we had all gone to bed.

Ep decided to go big surprise there! Its ok, given that he survived yet another "my wife is not happy with me" day on Wednesday (All Men Are Idiots). I feel inclined to say that there were other men that contributed to my attitude in that post as well, it wasn't just Ep.

Anyway, Ep went fishing. Somewhere around 5:45 am was when he leaned down to kiss me goodbye and bumped my head. He always tells me when he is leaving and where he will be launching the boat. Its a rule and he understand why I need to know that info...and is very consistent about it. I love him for that and am thankful for that. He left...and I TRIED to return to sleep. Oh no, it wasn't happening. Kale slept another 45 minutes and then we went to invade MemaNana and Papaw.

Kale has been showing us that he isn't always fearless around older men. He was fearful of Papaw this morning, but after seeing MemaNana and me love on Papaw then Kale decided that maybe he wasn't so bad after all. Then Papaw got up out of bed and the fear took over again. Oh the fun!

Sometime today we are taking Kale to get his hair cut. No protests will be honored. Sorry!

Here is how our week is looking:

Monday or Tuesday--drop off DDG stuff

Wednesday--urology appt and 6pm early shop at DDG

Thurs or Friday--I am certain that MemaNana and Kale will make a return trip to the DDG sale.

Friday--(night) a big event for Ep's uncle for his many years of service with the FFA. I don't know how many years, but I know its a lot. Other than knowing its Friday night and its in Little Rock and that Ep's entire family will be attending...well, I don't know much else about it. Regardless, we are proud of him!

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