Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok moms and grandmas....here is a helpful tip...

There is a website that will send you a $5 Target gift card for reviewing 10 baby/child products. You can also review children focused businesses in your local area (day care, kid play places, etc.). Its not hard to think of five things that you can write one sentence about.

I did mine last week and haven't got my gift card yet, but expect it to arrive eventually. I found this on an unrelated website where plenty of mom's were saying that they did receive the gift card.

It may not be much, but hey...its $5 to spend at Target....

For those of you with multiple addresses at your disposal...you could always make mutliple accounts and then receive more than one gift card. I am just saying its an option...

Here is the website: www.lilaguide.com

Have fun!

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