Monday, March 2, 2009

What a weekend...

On Friday morning, this is how our weekend was mapped out:

Saturday: Ep goes fishing all day; Marcia and MemaNana work on Duck Duck Goose stuff; Marcia cleans some of the house.

Sunday: relax and clean whatever part of the house didn't get cleaned on Saturday; MemaNana attends the Garden Show; Ep/Marcia/Kale go to Blake's birthday party

This is how it ended up:

Saturday: Ep stays home and doesn't go fishing. Marcia runs errands and come home by 11am. Ep goes to the gym and to eat lunch while Marcia and Kale hang out at home (and Kale naps). Mema Nana hangs around the house. We scored passes to a "early shop" for a consignment sale and so Ep/Kale stayed home for the evening while MemaNana and Marcia go hunting for deals. MemaNana loses her wallet. Let's just all be in agreement that it wasn't a fun experience. So far, no fraudulent charges have shown up so we are thankful for that. We expected the cash would be long gone and someone would just leave the wallet somewhere....nope, not yet anway. I still feel awful for her. She had an unsually high amount of cash with her and had high hopes of how she wanted to spend it....which makes me feel even more awful for her. Oh...and while we were hunting for deals (and then the wallet), it started snowing. Finally, we got some snow here...and we pretty much missed it because we were inside. O well.

Sunday: We admire the snow from inside because the wind was blowing at what felt like gale force. Brrrr, it was cold and everything was still wet. We abandoned the birthday party idea because part of the party was to be outside. Instead, we went to run some errands and eat lunch. We planned to return home for naps (for everyone!) and then Kale/Marcia were going to just hang out at the house while Ep went to work out. Or...maybe Kale would have got to go swimming. Kale had other plans....instead, we went to the ER with an allergic reaction to something he ate during lunch. Nothing at the house got cleaned this weekend, I don't think anyway. We did some minor "picking up" and such, but our bathroom still looks like a counter bomb exploded--meaning everything but the kitchen sink can be found on our bathroom counter. Did you know that when you child-proof your house, you also deter yourself from ever putting anything in those child-proof cabinets as well? Ha! is stuff about Kale's ER visit yesterday....warning, its a repeat from his caringbridge blog if you read that....

This update brought to you courtesy of Kale "I like to scare the heck out of my famlily and like hospitals" Fletcher. I wonder if I can really change his name to that?

Yeah, well, mark it down. We went to the ER again. I guess Kale needed a dose of people wearing scrubs. At his 15 month appt, the doctor gave us the all clear to try the "6 avoided foods" for babies. You know, the ones that kids tend to be more allergic--nuts, fish, honey, etc...

So, today we were enjoying lunch at Luby's and I had the Almondine Fish--yes, that would be two of the "don't feed them this until they are two" products (almonds=nuts and fish=well, fish). I ordered Kale a bowl of broccoli cheesy rice, which he liked. We all fed him a little of this and that from our plates. He had some sweet potatoes, corn, green beans, fish, and coconut pie.

Fast forward an hour. We are get home and Kale has completely zonked out in the car. It was his nap time and the kid had a full belly--who wouldn't fall asleep, right? So we get him inside and as I laid him on his bed, of course he woke up. So, we took him to our bed and made the room dark and gave him a bottle. He refused to go back to sleep. Every parent loathes the day when a child gets only a 20 minute nap instead of the 1-2 hour kind. We were fighting him. He won, but only when we noticed that his eyes were turning red and swelling and he sneezed about 20 times in a row. Did you know that we can get ourselves dressed and out the door in under five minutes? We sure can! We were all in our pjs for the nap and had to completely get re-dressed.

I sat in the back seat with Kale and Mema came in my car a few minutes behind us. Kale wanted to just chill and look out the window between sneezing his head off. He HATES to have his nose wiped, but he was so worn out with sneezing that he just quit fighting me. So between nose wipes and sneezes, I sang him all the finger play songs I could think of in the effort to get him to keep facing me. I was scared that he would be looking out the windo and pass out and I wouldn't realize it because I couldn't see his face. I am pretty sure I told Ep to "just drive" about 6 times...meaning "go...go like our daddies once did".

Once I got my baby inside the hospital, I relaxed. I can't describe all the emotions that come to me now. Its just a strange thing to be able to find comfort and calm while registering your child into the ER, but I did. I suppose it all goes back to that thing about my child nearly dying there...and they didn't let him. I have a lot of faith and trust in those people...even though I can't name a single one of the ER staff that treated him that day...or today either. Anyway.

All of his oxygen levels, breathing, etc were fine. I don't even know if he had a fever. He doesn't know how to have his temp taken orally (the nurse tried) so we had to go to the booty. Ep took care of his arms and head and tried to entertain him while I held his booty and legs as he laid on his belly on my lap. After all THAT, I forgot to ask what his temp was. I don't think she ever got his blood pressure either...he won't be still long enough. They have a hard time with that every time we go to clinic as well.

Once again, the ER staff did a great job! They got us in and out in about an hour. They were thorough and helpful. The doc determined that it was probably a food reaction and that Benadryl every 6 hours for the next 24 hours would be ok. They "watched" him for another 20 minutes or so and discharged us. Kale was ready to go after he got the medicine...he kept telling us "ah duh" which means "all done". We got him dressed and headed home. He zonked again on the way home. He didn't wake up from the transition from car seat to our bed. Kale and I slept for about 2.5 hours! He seems to be fine, except for some residual puffy eyes. We are supposed to go see his pediatrician in a couple days for a follow up. I will update you again after that...but until then, just pray for some calmness around our house!!!

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Amy said...

Isn't it amazing how a child (or two) can turn plans entirely upside down? Our weekends NEVER go as planned. You'd think that we'd just stop making plans in the first place.