Monday, March 23, 2009


Apparently, I am overdue for a blog update. Robin reminded me of this as I dropped of Kale at her house this morning. It wasn't really a drop off...more like I finally had to just sneak out. She was letting him play in the water at the sink (this is Heaven in Kale's world) and I called a few minutes later and could hear him screaming his head off in the background. Have I told you what a WONDERFUL friend I have? I mean, who lets you leave your screaming toddler AND reassures you that he will be ok....all when she is trying to keep up with her two boys!!! She is superwoman and an angel all wrapped into one!

Ok...there are other things to blog about...but all you get right now is a list...with a few teasers and reassuring comments for you, and reminders for me....

Egg allergy and the blood draw
Fun Sunday and a little boy locked in a car (not Kale!)
Deals, Deals, Deals....consignments and garage sales (don't forget the dino toy!)
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...and the door
You want us to wait how long????
The great unmentioned thing....

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