Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Monday for the books, no repeats please

Well, it had to happen sometime. Kale finally got sick and has ran a fever. He apparently picked up a "fever" virus somewhere along the way. He was cranky on Sunday night, but then nearly slept all night. When he started whining, Ep went to get him and found a pee soaked bed. Somehow he managed to pee on every single piece of bedding--both sheets, blanket, quilt, and all the way through to the mattress pad. We had just transitioned him to the full size bed for the first night, so all of that bedding didn't even survive the first full night before it needed to be washed.
Kale was just in a diaper when Ep put him in the bed with me...and he was as hot as the roman candle Larry tried to shoot off last month. I mean HOT. I called for a consult, since she happened to still be visiting from the weekend. My mom said he was a firecracker. We took his temp and he was at 101 and some change. Not good. This is the first time Kale has ever run a fever. I called the doctor and God must surely love me because they had an available appointment in an hour ON A MONDAY MORNING! Wow! Last time we called on a Monday, it was 3:30pm for the earliest appt! So, fever virus it is. Kale was clingy, lethargic, achy, and HOT. A dose of Motrin helped all of that, at least a little bit. After the doctor visit, we met Mema and Papaw at Cracker Barrell for an early lunch. Kale fell asleep on the way home, and continued his nap in our bed. I was tired too...so I napped as well. Kale slept for over 3 hours and I slept a good part of that as well. Mistake! Oh well. His daddy got a good dose of a not feeling well little boy last night as well. I ended up sleeping (or rather, laying awake) next to Kale because every time I would hear him whimper or make a noise, I was absolutely certain that his fever was running out of control and would get too high while I was sleeping (or laying awake) in our room. By the time I resigned to sleeping in his room, I crawled into bed with a cold little boy. Cold? Yep. The motrin was working overtime! It cracked the higer fever (for now) and he is just running a really low grade fever now, if any at all. He is running all over the house and throwing matchbox cars across the room at me....so I think we are on our way to a full recovery!
Hopefully, I can send him to school tomorrow. He has to have a fever below a certain level for 24 hours before he can return. So, I need to find out what the magic number might be and see if we qualify!
We are going to run errands later...so watch out world!

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