Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am like a library book....so completely overdue. Anyone who knows me well at all will know that when I get this quiet, something is happening in the background. And yes, that is the case. I don't have time to update in detail now, but when I do have time, here is what you might read about:

My work---wow, never realized it could become so dramatic. I can't, or rather won't, say much. God forgive me, but what goes around comes around and I am smiling about it. I try not to smile about it, but I can't help it. However, I can say someone on our team has seemingly been put on administrative leave. We don't know when he will return. Today, the idea of him returning next week was eliminated. I don't think its related to the frustration he brought to my desk two weeks ago, but I am sure that his behavior at that time did not help his situation. I got caught between a rock and a hard place. My boss is out on maternity leave, so I marched myself down to HR for some help. Another member of our team retired a few months ago. Can you say stressful? I better stop there...

David's wedding--see the next post for that one!

He can shake yes--I randomly discovered that Kale knows how to say yes by shaking his head. He can't/won't (thats a different story) say either no or yes, but he can shake his head to indicate either one. I asked if he wanted a fruit bar for breakfast and he nodded yes. I picked my chin up off the kitchen floor and asked again. Same response. Wow. And its been going ever since. We get yes or no, just without words. Stubborn kid!

Surprise--Catfish Hole--last weekend on the way to a wedding, we stopped for the night in Alma. No trip to Alma is complete without a trip to eat at Catfish Hole. Not even Conway traffice can come between us and Catfish Hole. Anyone who has ever lived in/near Conway will appreciate that line. For the record, Ep still and will seemingly forever have Conway traffic freakoutitus. God forbid that we actually be stuck in Conway traffic. Just mentioning it can bring beads of sweat to Ep's forhead. We have been known to be fully packed and ready to go at 5pm, but we can't leave our house until 6pm because if we aren't over the bridge by 4pm we will get stuck in Conway traffic and thus its just not worth leaving at that point until after 6pm. Yep, its that bad. Back to Catfish Hole. We made it through Conway traffic and arrived around 7pm with a soaked little boy. Apparently, he opened some major flood gates. We changed him in the parking lot and headed for the door. I start saying "No way!" and Ep looks at me like "what could we possibly have forgotten now?" and I again say "No Way!!!" I ask him if he remebers my friend Kim who has the kids who hate wearing clothes. As he looks at me like I am a loon, he says yes. I said, well, there she is and there are her kids (wearing clothes, I should add). We walk on around the corner and there sits Robin Harper, who I love like crazy. She trusted me with her kids. I am completely sold that God allowed me to keep her kids so I could be ready for at least half the stuff that Kale will put me through. It was just a good time and for once the food took a back seat to all the happiness I got from seeing some much missed friends.

Have you seen a hecicaca? If not, go to the airport and look to the sky. When you hear a dull roar, you will know that a hecicaca is near. Oh no, that is NOT an airplane or plane. Its a hecicaca. If it flies with an engine, then its a hecicaca. You can ask, Kale do you see the plane and he will say hecicaca. So far, he loves things with wheels and things that fly. He will eventually kill me with worry, I am sure of it. He is his father's son and we both love to be adventurous. Yep, dead.

Bobby? Baby? Goggy? It seems that each day brings forth a new word. I am sure that school is only adding to the mix of his words. However, nobody gave us a Kale-ese word manual, so most days we go through a series of this? this? this? when trying to figure out what his new word represents. Some days, I think he does it just to stump us. At the moment, I think Bobby is bootie, baby is baby, and goggy is doggy. Yesterday it was ice, ice, ice all the way home from school. I can't figure out why they would have been around ice at school. We don't live in Alaska and its August in the south for gracious sakes. I still don't know if ice is ice or something else. My poor head.

Treating new school like an old school pro--they transitioned to new classes this week at Kale's school. I was sure he wouldn't transition well. To spite me, he had to have been one of the easiest transition in the whole place! Even the toddler director commented that he transitioned like he had been doing it since he was born. In a way, he has. I won't go there. Kale went from being the baby of the class to the second oldest in his new class. This also means that all of his former classmates when to another class, but never fear because they are all in one big classroom that is divided by a half wall in 2/3 of the room. So, if he starts to long for the older kids...they are right there to remind him that he was once the baby of the class. By the time he gets picked up in the afternoon, they are usually all combined back into one group. The older kids, one little girl in particular, will tell Kale when I show up if he happens to not see me. So, if I want to spy on him, I have to not only hide from him but also the little tattle-tale! She literally says Kale, Momma. Kale, Momma. And like her little soldier he pops up and comes looking for me.

Funny what happens at school vs home--namely, nap time. Getting Kale to lay down for a nap without a bottle at home is like asking Ep to walk on a tightrope suspended 50ft in the air without a safety net. Its not going to happen. Well, it can, but you have to engage in world war 4, 5, and 6 to get it accomplished. By then, you need a nap as well. First week of transition and I am all worried about his nap time getting all messed up. In his old classroom, they gave him a bottle between lunch and naptime. He can't lay down with it at school because it breaks the DHS rules. Little stinker. You know what he did this week. He went over to his mat in his new room, laid down, no bottle involved after lunch, and went to sleep. They say that that kids will act differently at school. Ya think? His teacher did say that he was talking after he laid down and she told him to be quiet and covered him up...and he got quiet. Seriously? That actually works? He knows what it means to be quiet? For real? Ugh. Again, I am dead.

We need to check out--and thats all I am saying about that.

Ok, gotta run. Ya'll are just going to have to be patient. Ha! The queen of impatience telling everyone else to be patient. Yep, that would be me being the pot and that makes you the kettle!

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