Friday, August 28, 2009

We survived. I think.

Well, thats another hurdle behind us. We all survived in one piece, except one of us is a little sore and a few of us are a little worn out and I think one of us didn't sleep much at all last night. We will survive. This is all I can muster for now:

  • Even a toddler knows when something is about to happen. Kale constantly wanted OUT of his hospital room. Anywhere but in there was where he wanted to be.
  • You can watch them give your son "goofy juice" and then wonder if it was just flavored and colored water because he isn't acting sleepy, goofy, or any manner of sluggish. AND since they claim it will make him that way, he can't be running around so you have to hold him. This kid is always in motion people. Always. He didn't want to be held and he sure wasn't feeling goofy, sleepy, or sluggish. My arms are sore. Who needs a gym when you can just wrestle a toddler for 30 minutes straight.
  • When they say that they are going to take your son down the hall, they must secretly whisper: and we will make you hand your crying, kicking, screaming son over to us and then we will walk the remainder of the longest hallway EVER with him looking over our shoulder back at you while he screams Momma, Dada.
  • The longest hallway EVER is in Arkansas Children's Hospital Outpatient Surgery Ward. I had to plant my feet to make sure I didn't take off chasing them down that stupidly long hallway.
  • Turns out I can feel guily, awful, and bawl my eyes out over handing my son off to someone. I will NOT do it that way again. If he has to have surgery in the future, if I have to I will resort to putting on scrubs and being the newest intern on the block...
  • There is a correlation between me messing around with Kale's stuff in his stroller and us getting phone calls from the doctor and recovery room. I went over to do something (I don't remember what) and the doctor called...since I was closest, I got to talk to the doctor...all went well and was finished. Then, as we waited for the call back to recovery, I decided to walk over to get Kale's clothes from the stroller. I had picked up a diaper, shirt and just grabbed his shirt when they called. If there is a next time, I am taking the stroller and don't care if he has outgrown it....there is a correlation between that thing and good phone calls in those types of situations. Don't tell me I am insane. I already know this fact.
  • They ended up having to give him an IV and obviously some pain meds through the IV because for a brief moment the doctor thought it might take longer than planned. It was VERY obvious that he was NOT in pain when he finally woke up. It was longer than the 30 minutes they told us it might be, which nearly drove me past my level of being patient while our son was just laying back there.
  • They left his IV in just as a precaution. Well, its not every day that a toddler discovers a board, tape, and tube connected to his ankle. He found it very interesting for about .029 seconds and then was very determined to pull out the IV. He failed, but only because the orange popsicle arrived and then we kept that leg covered with a blanket.
  • Two orange popsicles later, it looked like the orange glob had attacked both me and Kale (and the floor). His hands looked like he had molested an orange marker or doused them in orange finger paint. least it all matched his hair, which was also sticky from orange popsicle.
  • Once they took out the IV, they decided to let us go because we were going anyway. We got Kale washed off and dressed and all our stuff gathered and stood in the doorway. The nurse looked at us and said "I think ya'll are ready to go". Yep, you got it lady!
  • Anesthesia can cause funny things to happen in the rear end department. There was a lot of diaper rumbling going on...and continues to be. He was on diaper number 3 and needed to be changed when I left for work this morning. Who knew Kale could give his daddy a good run for his money in the "rear end noised a man can make" department!
Thats all I got for now. I need a morning coke. And thank the good Lord above that its Friday and after 4:45 today, I don't have to be back at work for 10 days!

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