Sunday, May 30, 2010


Its been a bit since my last post as I have been struggling just to keep up and catch up. The month of May ends tomorrow, and just as I expected, it just seemed to be over before it began. I arrived home from Slovaka with jetlag and found a little boy who pretty much wanted to be attached to me and who was also waking up in the middle of the night screaming and yelling and fit throwing. As if to ensure his time with me, I was home less than 24 hours before he got sick. So, we shoved a visit to the doctor into the mix. Sick little boy throwing fits in the night=unrested parents. Thankfully, a week has passed to find him well and mostly into his routine again. He has traded fits in the night for just flooding his diaper in the bed.
Our house looks like a bomb went off and we had a toyplosion. Cleaning hasn't exactly been at the top of my priority list this past week. Hopefully, I can get some of my piles cleaned up tomorrow and maybe even some toys put away too.
I went shopping for the impossible to find dress on Friday. I wanted to find a dress that took 50lbs off of me while also making me tone and hot. Yeah, didn't find that dress. However, I did find a skirt...which was better than finding nothing I liked. Oh, I did see a dress that I liked, but with a $250+ price tag...I didn't even bother trying it on. At one point, I did find a dress that I liked, but could have used it in one size bigger than what was available. I tried on the "squeeze you skinny" undergarments and the effort to get those things on left me sweating. I would say that is when I bailed on the idea of "looking skinnier" and just started searching for "presentable"! I guess I forgot to mention that this is the dress/skirt/whatever I will be wearing to my brother's wedding and thus be photographed in at some point...lovely. The outfit I ended up with is not as dressy or classy as I would have liked...but it works for an outdoor in the summer wedding.
I took some time to just enjoy Kale feeling well and give him undivided attention yesterday afternoon. As a result, I hauled up his plastic blue pool to the deck and filled it up so it could warm up while we took a nap. He was a tad intimidated by it a first, but after a few splashes he decided it was ok after all. I also let him try out the feeling of not wearing a diaper under his swim shorts. I can't tell you how many times he told me he had to "go" and then dropped his shorts and did absolutely nothing but stand there twiddling and giggling. Boys.
We had planned to go to the club pool today, but we awoke from our nap to find out it was "sundering" so we decided not to go. Kale is apparently scared of thunder. We aren't focusing on it or mentioning it to him because we are hoping that it will pass. Yet, in his own way, he lets us know he is intimidated by the rumble noise outside.
Let's see, how do I say this politely. Not here goes. I have mentioned it before, but we aren't modest around Kale. He has taken numerous showers with each of us and sees me getting dressed daily. Kale is getting inquisitive about private body parts. This comes with potty training, which we are in the middle of right now. It also comes with just being a curious kid. He is very aware of his peanut and has become very aware that I don't have a peanut. He also likes to try poking his daddy in the peanut. This makes Ep squirm a bit and just gives me the giggles. Just to be fair, I should also mention that after I got out of the shower yesterday, the peanut police put a hand on each one of my thighs and gave everything a gander "down there" and then said "ohhh mommy" in a tone that suggested I had lost my peanut. I am not sure if thats what he meant, but is sure sounded like it. I distracted him and we moved on. I am pretty sure that trying to keep him from inspecting would only encourage him to try to inspect more often. He is, after all, our child. So, be warned. The peanut police is on full patrol.
One last little tidbit before I brother, who is about to get married next weekend, managed to get bitten by a dog...on his butt. In uniform. The media got wind of it and for some reason focused on this incident. Yes, my brother got bitten on the butt by a dog and it has made the news both locally and state wide. One shot later and maybe a little bit of humiliation to go with it...and he should be fine to still make the trip down the aisle next weekend. Only my brother. And I love him dearly.

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