Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting There....

The storms didn't stop until after 3am. I know this, because I was awake until then. We all got out of bed at 4am and had left the driveway by 5am. We headed to the airport knowing that our plane wasn't there. We hoped they had worked out a solution. We arrived at the airport, unloaded, checked in, and were told that our flight was scheduled to leave around 10am or so. It was currently 5:30am. We couldn't leave, for fear that they would change our flights again and put us on an earlier flight (it left at 9:30am). We wasted time, ate breakfast, watched planes (Kale), took naps (Chris and Amy), ran all over the airport (Kale), and were quite ready to leave when our plane finally arrived.

That is where the sprint began. Its all a blur. Kale had a fever. The one highlight was when Kale announced to several rows that "Mema, we go UP!!!!" at the top of his lungs. Pretty much everyone cracked up. Yet, Kale was cranky, despite a nap. Lovely. I sat between a nice man and rude man on the way to Tampa. Chris gave up his seat next to Amy so that a mom and child could sit together. We got a personal escort in Tampa and they pretty much held the plane for us. Pretty sure that I am forgetting a bunch here...

The flight from Tampa to Key West was on a 19 seater turboprop. Its the kind where there is no door to the cockpit, so you can see all the instruments. There is also no bathroom on board. Kale spent part of the flight sleeping in his seat across the aisle from me...he fell asleep looking down the row into the cockpit. He spend the rest of the flight in my lap and slept through the landing. Its disorienting to take off from a rainy aftermath of tornados and land on an island surrounded by blue and green water. We were happily (yet exhausted) disoriented. We went to our rent house...and oh my oh my oh my.

The rent house was a three story, five bedroom, 3 1/2 bath oasisi. We had our own pool, multiple decks, floating dock, huge straw covered tiki hut, hammock, bikes, fishing gear, kayaks, and just about everything we could want. However, the house didn't come furnished with food, so we headed out for dinner. Everyone said they didn't care, so I chose the first place that seemed reasonable at 9pm on a Saturday night. Let me just tell you, if you ever go to Key NOT visit the IHOP. It was AWFUL! It took forever to get our food. Did I mention that we had a very tired/cranky/sick toddler and also a hungry pregnant woman with us?

After dinner, one car took Kale to the house. Chris, Amy, and I went to get breakfast items from the grocery store. By the time we got back to the house, we were all ready for bed. I crashed...and did I ever sleep. I was so tired that it wasn't until the next day around 10am when I discovered that one of my favorite paintings was hanging in our room. Wow. Yeah, I was that tired.

But hey, we got there!

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