Sunday, May 9, 2010

Things I already left out...

Here is the stuff that I already forgot to include in the previos posts...

When we arrived in Key West, we were bagless. Our suitcases didn't arrive until later that night. Except for one that is...and it was having such a good time in Tampa that it decided to wait until the next morning to show up. Of course, that was the suitcase that belonged to Amy...the one who packed all of Chris' tolietries and her maternity clothing/swimsuit.

Kale popped a fever at 1:30am during the night before we left. As if that night hadn't already been dramatic enough. Motrin helped...and we kept him medicated for a few days...more on that later.

I am pretty sure that Alamo car rental lost our business forever. Throughout the day, Ep constantly kept in contact with them regarding our arrival time in Key West. When he told them we would arrive around 6:15pm, they swore they would stay past their 6pm closing time. They didn't. Nor would they honor our rental reservation/price the next morning. Customer Service FAIL Alamo. One of their competitors gained our business and the next day when we extended our one day rental, they even gave us complimentary upgrades!

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