Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ready or Not

Pardon the vacation posting interuption. Let me just take this moment to announce to the world that I will be getting on multiple airplanes tomorrow for a work trip to Slovakia. I am not ready. I am only partially packed. I don't even know where my rolling carry on bag is at right now.

The work I needed to complete before leaving...won't get finished. But hey, I do have a new Dell laptop with Windows 7 to work with...so that is something.

Then there is the European ash cloud. Who knows what havoc it will bring to this trip.

You may or may not get to read about the rest of our vacation before I return home from this trip. It just depends on the quality of internet I have while traveling.

But this I know...if you put a 2 year old boy in a HUGE bathtub and fill it with bubbles, he is one happy boy. That is until you accidentally hit the jacuzzi jet button and scare the living daylights out of him...causing him to jump straight up into the air and try to hurdle your head while you desperately try to figure out what button you hit and how to turn it off. And don't expect him to get back into that tub...ever. For once, I was't the guilty party. Ep was. I walked in to find our child screaming/crying while Mema and Ep were laughing so hard that they were nearly crying...and Ep looked like he had tried to climb into the tub with his clothes on.

And on that note...I will see you when I see you....

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