Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The List

Here is a list....I will have to fill in the gap with the stories later....and yes, each of them represents its own story

  • Tornados and no rain and Ep is under the house
  • The Fever
  • Delayed Flight and RUN!
  • MEMA, WE GO UP!!!
  • No Bags and then All Bags But One
  • Alamo x2
  • Really, this is our house? Look Ep, look how big it is!
  • IHOP aka never again
  • I'm going to die before I get this vacation started!
  • Harvey shows up in a t-shirt and shorts! No cowboy boots or hat! Whoaaaa.
  • The great rental car swap
  • Marcia saves $130 at Walgreens and $72 at Albertsons
  • Starry Night
  • Iguana
  • I need to get some alcohol. There is alcohol under the sink. No, the drinking kind.
  • Don't pass gas in the kitchen
  • Where are Ep's swim trunks? The iguana is using them for cover or a fish is wearing them.
  • Only option: ER
  • I WANT TO SEE THE HECICACA (helicopter)
  • WHO is this child? No really, who is he? I don't know him!
  • I make the lobsters look pale
  • Kale gets in the pool...kayak style
  • That snake is headed for the garage!
  • Quote from Chris: My kid will be so well behaved that everyone will think he is Amish!
  • The return of Ep's swim trunks
  • Look, there is the airport to our direct left...(insert 90 degree bank turn) and what are those beeping noises...oh look, we just landed!
  • This flight is going to Albuquerque and its 22 degrees!
  • ...and the other 12 things I have already forgotten...

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