Tuesday, April 12, 2011

33 weeks

I had my doctor's appt today.  There was good news and not so good news.

The good news:  I get to stay on bed rest at home.  Last week, that wouldn't seem like good news, but as opposed to hospital bed rest, this is good news. I am able to work from my computer at home for up to four hours each day, which is a blessing.  TMI alert...don't read the next sentence if you don't want to know about my urine.  They test my urine at each appt and once again, there was no protein in my urine, which is great news! 

The bad news:  my blood pressure (bp) was 140/90 at the doctor's office.  The doctor said the dreaded sentence:  this is the onset of pre-eclampsia (which is the same thing I had with Kale). 

For a few minutes, I really thought I was going to be hospitalized today.  Instead, my doc told me that if I kept closely monitoring my bp and such, then I could stay at home for now.  I am pretty sure that if I end up with protein in the wrong place, that will be when I am put in the hospital....or if my bp goes over 155/95, which is the new magical number. 

The final chat that I had with my doc went like this. 
Me: I will be happy if I can make it to 36 weeks
Doc:  I will be happy if you make it to 35 weeks

For the record, today I am 33 week and 4 days. 

This means it is very likely that I will have a repeat c-section.  I have been hoping for a vbac (baby coming into the world on the normal route, not through an incision in my belly, despite there previously being an incision there).  However, I can not be induced (previous c-section prevents this) and will most likely need to deliver early....so a c-section is most likey for me now.  I am ok with that and have tried to keep an open mind to all options this time around. 

I left the doc's office with an appt for next week (meaning I am now going to be seeing him weekly), a urine collection jug to bring with me after "collecting" for 24 hours prior to my appt, and also an appt for a NST (non stress test) where they will just monitor the baby for a while to make sure she is moving around and being active enough and not in any distress.  There is no reason to think she is distress right now, so nobody should worry about that.  This is just standard for my situation right now.  They did this with Kale.  He never showed one sign of distress (on the NST or anytime he was monitored after my hospitalization).  I am hoping that his sister completely ignores the chaos going on in my body as well!

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