Friday, April 22, 2011

Is the heater broken?

I haven't turned the heater on much lately, despite mornings of it being 61-65 degrees in our house.  However, yesterday morning, it was 63 and the sun was refusing to shine.  I decided to turn on the heat to warm the house up to 65-66 degrees (which feels like a heat wave to me, but keeps everyone else mostly thawed out).  I turned it on, heard the click of the heater starting, and then warm air. 

My mom gave it a try.  Nothing.  I took the batteries out of the thermostat and put them back in...nothing.  I knew the batteries had just been replaced in the past week, so dead batteries wasn't the problem.  I started getting frustrated.  I got in touch with my husband and he told me to call the heat/air company for them to come check it out. 

The heat/air guy showed up within a few hours and discovered the problem, although he wasn't sure who caused the problem.  For a mere $86 service call, he let me know that the problem was the gas had been shut off at the unit by the switch.  There is a lever on the gas line that runs to the unit (right beside it and very near the ground) and the lever had been switched to not allow the gas to flow through the line.  Hmmm, I just wonder who might have touched that lever?  I know I sure didn't and that the last thing my mom or husband would do would be sabotage any opportunity to have the heat on during cold mornings/days.  So, that leaves one culprit.  Yep, for $86 I found out that my son had turned off the gas to our heat/air unit...when he has been told several times not to mess with the heat/air unit.

I don't remember doing such things when I was little or hearing stories of me doing such things.  So, my guess is that this is just more proof that Kale is his daddy's boy and is following in his footsteps because I do know I have heard similar stories about his daddy's shenanigans. We are in deep trouble!

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