Sunday, April 17, 2011

The TorMado

Late Thursday night, severe weather was headed our way.  Thursday night shifted into Friday morning as I watched the severe weather approach.  I woke my mom up and had her bring a very confused and still mostly asleep Kale to my bed.  She then crawled in with us.  The tornado threat had seemingly diminished and the biggest threat was straight line winds, but they were expected to be 60-80mph as they moved through our area.  Yikes! 

As the storms closed in, a tornado warning was suddenly issued for several different locations along the stomr line.  One of those areas was ours and we were smack in the middle of the area of concern.  I asked my mom if she could move fast.  She headed to get her shoes, some shoes for Kale, and then came back to grab him out of my bed.  He was one confused little boy at that point. 

We were quite the spectable as we made our way out onto our deck to take shelter in our room under the house.  We got drenched.  My mom was carrying Kale, who was crying because he was getting wet.  The wind was going crazy.  The rain was pouring down.  We made our way down the deck 8+ months pregnant and all. 

When we decided the rough part of the storm had passsed, we made our way back upstairs.  As we came inside, Kale asked what was the noise he heard.  I told him it was the tornado siren, which was still going off at the time for other storms in the area which were not a threat to us.  He was ready to crawl back into bed with me and go to sleep...and I was ready for some sleep as well, given that it was 3am!

The next morning, I heard Kale having a conversation with my mom.  He said something about the tormado siren.  I heard him...tormado...not tornado.  Then, I nearly fell out of bed laughing as I heard him tell her that he could show her a tormado.  He took her to the kitchen counter and pointed to the tomato on the counter.  He then told her that the tormado siren was for that tormado...and pointed to the tomato on the counter. 

So, the next time your local tornado siren goes off, take cover...but watch out for those tomatoes!!!

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