Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Dr Visit and May

So, today was Thursday and a trip to visit the doctor.  I didn't see my regular doc because he had some kind of emergency.  The doc who checked me out decided to skip the NST (non-stress test), which was fine with me.  I had one on Monday and the sassy pants did perfect. 

Today, my bp was so low that I blurted out "wow, thats awesome!", which got the nurses attention.  She decided to take my bp on my other arm just to be wasn't quite so low on that arm, but it was still in good range!  Then I saw the doc, who measured my belly and listened to the sassy pant's heartbeat.  All was well and he sent me on my way. 

Not a lot to share about the appointment today, and that is definitely how I like it. 

My current goal is to keep growing sassy pants to 36 weeks.  That means growing her for at least 8 more days.  If I can get to 37 without my body going bonkers, that would be full term and be even more wonderful. 

My husband and I have both been living by a mantra that a friend taught me 10 years ago as I struggled through a transition.  He told me to take it one day at a time and to keep myself focused on that goal with this mantra:  "If I make it through today, I can make it until May." 

Ten years ago, I made it to May.  I am determined to do it again, albeit for a much more important reason.  My husband is going to make his May goal as well.  Who knew that such a simple statement from a friend would be so helpful not once, but twice and that my husband would benefit from it as well.  Funny how God works. 

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