Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Doc Appointment

I had another doc appointment today. For once, my bp behaved while I was there. That was the good news.

The doc is fairly sure that I am starting to show more than a trace of protein in my urine (sorry, no ungross way to say that). They sent off the 24 hour jug to the lab and I probably won't know anything on that until Wednesday morning. I asked what would happen if they found protein in my urine jig and they said they weren't sure yet. I guess or depends on what they find and also how much they find.

The great news is that sassy pants is doing just fine. They hooked me up for 20 minutes to a monitor (NST) for her heartbeat and movement. It didn't take but minute or so for her to find the straps around my belly and start pushing on them with her legs, knees, and feet. She likes her space and for people/things to stay out of her space. Yes, she is our child for sure!

I go back on Thursday for another NST and for them to check my bp and urine.

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