Friday, June 26, 2009

apple, eat, and baaaa

MemaNana got a new dvd this week for Kale. Not sure if its rented from the library or if its an ebay find. Its entirely devoted to sign language and is geared towards kids and for words they would most likely use as a baby/toddler.

Last week, before this video emerged, Kale started signing for hat. To me, that is funny because he absolutely despises wearin a hat for more than .001 second. He will occassionally grab one of Ep's hats or one of mine and put it on (or at least try) but then its quickly left behind as he moves on...

Somewhere along the way, he has learned to say Baaaa for sheep. Its quite cute.

Well, this week, the new video has him saying apple, eat, and a few other non-descript words. He seems to have learned them from the signing video, but isn't signing when he says them. O well.

We are still waiting for him to say his two favorite snacks---cracker and oreo. However, when he wants either of those, it is VERY clear what he wants!

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