Monday, June 29, 2009

Shawn the Sheep, aka Baaa

Somewhere along the way, we discovered Shawn the Sheep. Its a 4-5 minute cartoon that makes us (me and Ep and MemaNana) laugh. Until last week, Kale could not have cared less about Shawn the Sheep.

Then he learned to say Baaaa.

So, now he knows that he can watch Shawn the Sheep by pointing to the tv and saying Baaaa. I guess asking him to say Shawn the Sheep is just a little much.

Current Kale translations:


Cack cack cack=duck


Eiei=old mcdonald's farm

Heck i ca ca = helicopter or airplane (for the moment, all motorized things that fly)

Oooo = Goose (our dog)

Emmo= all things Sesame Street (they are all considered to be Elmo at the moment)

eyehair = high chair

Ok...gotta get back to the grind.

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