Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walgreens...uh oh, again

Oh my, I think I nearly got thrown out of Walgreens yesterday. There is a store that Ep had asked me "can you please just not go to that store because there are many other Walgreens to shop around here". He said that in fear that I might actually get into trouble at that store because he knows that I truly butt heads with the manager there.

So, how did I end up at that store? I went in search of a highly valued coupon. She spied me and was apparently watching me. I found the coupon I wanted (tearpad type) and was actually going to go ahead and buy some other stuff in her store. Before I could even go look for the other stuff, she stops me to ask if I plan to use all those coupons today. I told the truth and said no, but would be saving them for a sale on that item. I also said, you know I coupon shop but also wait for sales to save the most money. She starts asking me for the coupons back. We went back and forth a few times until I told her that I was just going to leave her store, taking the coupons with me, and that she wouldn't have to worry about me anymore because I wouldn't be coming back to her store. As I am walking out, she tells me to go ahead and call corporate about it because she would be the one returning my call when the complaint came down. I laughed at her. Yes, I know, not very nice. Still, I laughed at her and told her that she wouldn't have to bother because I wasn't going to call because her DM does not return my calls and she lies to corporate and tells them that she has made the customer happy (last time I called, they said she reported that to them...she had never even called me in the first place, much less made me a happy customer!)
I left and went on my merry way. The coupons don't belong to her. They are produced by the manufacturer. They are sent or put out with promotional items on displays. They have a value of .001 (anybody got 1% of one penny laying around?) and nowhere on the display or coupon does it say you have to use it the same day you found it! They hope you will, but its not required. Any shopper with any bargain sense is going to wait to use the coupon when the item is on sale unless its a "gotta have it now" moment! Duh!
Ok, yeah, I went on my way. I went down the street to the other Walgreens and bought the stuff I needed (which all ended up being free thanks to register rewards and gift cards). I then made my way down the road to Kroger and then made one quick run into a third Walgreens. As I round a corner at the back of the store, I nearly freaked out. Guess who is walking down the aisle towards me? Yep, the manager from the other store. My first thought was Holy Jeepers, she is following me! I nearly busted out laughing. Instead, I just said hello and then crouched down to check out an item for Ep. She went into the back of the store and then came right back out. As I am in my freaking out crouched down position trying not to laugh or let my eyes bug out, I spy a very valuable coupon for the product that Ep likes. YEA! I got the coupons, left the product (he still has some at home but now I know where to buy more in that flavor), and headed for the door. I have no idea where the "manager from the hot place" went, but she must have warned the cosmetic counter lady. As I neared the cosmetic area on my way to the door, the cosmetic lady gets right in my face and says "can I help you" in a stern voice with a not friendly face. Ack! I told her no, mumbled something about my husband can come pick it out, and got myself out of there pronto! I am still laughing.

So much for Ep's idea of just avoiding her I really might call corporate and to find out what other stores she might be "managing" when she isn't at her store. I might have to mention her comments while I am at it. I am sure that they will love to know that she is running off customers over a coupon with a value of .001!

And yes, I know I am crazy when it comes to coupons...


Bekah said...

HAHAHAHAHA I told you those thing would get you in trouble.... hehehehehehe I am still laughing at you, they lay out the red carpet for me, and bar the door shut on YOU!!!!!!! hahahahah

love you

Marcia said...

Oh no, they haven't banned me. There are 10 Walgreens that I frequent in the area...and this store is only one of those...I can manage with only going to the other 9 stores.