Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I don't have a title for this one

Man, what a week. The much anticipated week of "terminations" has started at my work. I have been informed that all cuts to positions in my overall group have already been made. I still have a job. For the past 6 weeks, we have all (at work) known it was coming. I had been told that my position was fine, but trust isn't just real wide spread at work right now. So, in the back of my mind has been the lingering fear that maybe someone was lying or just not fully informed. So, while I breathe a temporary sigh of relief, some of my colleagues are getting meeting requests. The code at work right now is "Jane Doe got a meeting request", which translates to meaning that Jane Doe is losing her job because she got a meeting request from her boss or human resources. Only a small group was immediately dismissed, while most everyone else affected can choose to stay until June 26th. There aren't any announcements or a list going out...its all word of mouth....and everyone knows how that can go. Its basically print an org chart now and then compare it to the one that will be release next week...and that is how you can fill in the blanks about who lost their job. Fun times, let me tell ya! I found out that colleague had been cut because I went to her desk to ask about a joint project. She and all of her belongings had vanished. Not a fun way to be notified. Rather shocking, really. At that point, someone pulled me aside and whispered a list of names...and thus it began. That was on Monday. Today, a woman came to our floor and was saying that her boss was in the meeting right now and that she was next and wanted to take everyone's picture. It took us all a minute to figure out what she was saying/meaning and by then we were all posed as a group. I am sure the looks on people's faces in that picture are just jolly, right? The cop blood in me says I should have politely excused myself from the picture. Ugh. I didn't though. And then a new list was verbalized. I currently have around 50 boxes of 8ct pop tarts in my truck. Yes, thats 400 pop tarts. Its a coupon/movie ticket deal thing. I better go donate them quick because this stress is going to lead to a pot-tart binge! Ack!

On the home front...Kale is very left handed. Although this is not news for many in his life, I have finally conceded that he is indeed left handed. Good thing his daddy and Mema are too because now they can teach him to write!

Kale is also a morning person, unless he is snoozing in the bed with me. He came running into our room this morning at 5:45am. If he was able, I am sure that he would have jumped up on the bed and proceeded to pounce us. He was quite happy and ready to see us. I was ok with it all until I realized that it was 5:45am and not 6:45am.

One last Kale moment. I just got off the phone with my mom. Kale thinks all phone calls are for him and that if he can't hold the phone, he must yell so that the person on the other end can be sure to hear him and his displeasure of not holding the phone. If you give him the phone, he hangs up on the person. Its a no-win situation. I needed to give my mom directions to the park. As I am giving her directions (and noticing that Kale is suddenly quiet in the background), she says "WHAT are you doing?" in her very motherly tone. Of course, being her child, I automatically think she is talking to me. But before I could respond, she tells me that Kale has decided to remove his diaper. The boy loves to be naked. She tells him that he can't run around naked and has to wear his diaper. I don't think he cared much for that idea. So, if you hear of a little boy running around a LR park without his diaper...there is a good chance you know him! For the record, our parents tell us that Ep and I equally enjoyed the naked look when we were his age. One of us still thinks clothing should be optional while the other one of us is very fond of clothing in front of other people. Let the guesswork begin....

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