Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday morning hoorah

On Saturday mornings, we have somewhat of a routine. I get up and go to garage sales while Ep and Kale hang out together--usually watching tv, playing with trucks, or whatever fancies them.

Last week, I hit some pretty good deals. I got Kale an outside toy chest for $8, some stuff to re-sell on ebay, some clothes for Kale (yes, I realize he has a full closet but I couldn't refuse the plaid pants), some toy trucks for Kale, a pair of shoes for Kale, two Pier 1 wicker baskets that still have the tags attached...and I don't remember what else. I just remember it was a good "score".

This week, ahhhh, I had another pretty good week. That doesn't happen very often back to back! I got a wooden stool for our bedroom (closet), two deck chairs in Kale's size, a seemingly brand new Tonka dump truck AND bulldozer for $5 ($2.50 each), a wicker basket, some clothing items for me, a cute hobo bag, a few books, some more little trucks for Kale, a few more "play" items for Kale's kitchen, a collander (because we already have two and Ep can't ever find one), and a plastic pitcher. There was probably m0re...I just don't remember. The Tonka trucks and little deck chairs were my best finds this week. One of the deck chairs might stay inside and serve as a "time out" chair pretty soon.

This morning, Kale went to the gym with Ep. It was our first stab at using the nursery. He liked it! Yea! That is good news for everyone!!!

For the record, Kale was ready for a nap. I fixed him a bottle of 1/8 milk and 7/8 formula. We went to his room where I changed his diaper and started his "birdies". I covered him up and told him I would be back. I wanted to see if he would be willing to fall asleep on his own. About 7 minutes passed and there had yet to be little feet running up the hallway. I went in to check...sure enough, he was out! YEA!!!!

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