Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July, 2009

Officer Chris GeorgeYAY! Go Chris!!!!

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend. We started it off a little early by heading to Alma on the night of the 2nd. We enjoyed dinner with Papaw and MemaNana and then went to thier house to crash. The next morning brough the graduation of my not so little brother from the police academy. Yes, my brother is a full fledge badge toting gun wearing police officer. Scary. Strange. Pretty much mind boggling. However, I love him and am insanely proud of him for achieving his dream (despite the fact that it scares me to death!). We all enjoyed lunch and then some went home to nap while a few others went to a few stores. The shoppers went home to nap and Ep went to play golf. I woke up in time to join him on the back 9 for a ride in the cart. I had forgotten how nice that can be. (thank you mom for watching Kale). We rounded out the night with a date night in our old haunts. A little strange. We tracked down my brother, got called strange names, and then proved his point that we are old by heading home by 11pm. We felt no need to exchange sweat with the crowd at the beer garden.

At Eagle Crest

For the 4th of July, we spent some time around Alma. I ran an errand to Fort Smith and then joined Ep down at the pond for some fishing. The catfish still prefer my bait over his, and my bait doesn't stink! He did outfish me in bream and bass though. We then headed to Cave Springs for dinner and fireworks with Ep's family. Dinner was great. Kale had a wonderful time wearing himself out in the backyard just riding (fred flintstone style) his trike. We then headed out front (does anyone remember that I made that suggestion?) for fireworks. Brian was in charge of the show, with Fletcher choosing which firework should be lit next. Kale was happily stationed between his Aunt Wendi and Ep. He wasn't sure what to think, other than he didn't want to get too close. Larry got brave and tried to show everyone how to hold the roman candle as it shot off. The roman candle showed us exactly where his bravado ended. The little flare that landed at his feet caused the entire baton to be thrown towards the mail box and shoot off in Brian's direction. Larry ended up on the other side of the driveway, Brian ended up in the across the street neighbors lawn, and Ep ended up rolling in hysterics in the front yard. I am pretty sure that was the point where Kale started clinging to me. Can't blame him. Then Ep got brave and decided to see if he could still shoot off a bottle rocket. Of course, it had to be lit in his hand. The first went off with no problem, but I did ask him to throw the next one in the opposite direction. He didn't listen and God granted him some grace because the second one was a dud that never exploded but did manage to whistle itself all the way to nearly being underneath the neighbors truck. At that, we called it a night.

Happy Family
We headed home early today and stopped for lunch in Alma. Kale took at 1.5 hour nap on the way home. Yea! Apparently the weekend caught up with him because tonight, as Ep and I watched a movie, he decided to crawl up on the couch with me and promptly fell asleep. No bottle and at 7pm. Wow! We took him to bed and changed him into pajamas. He awoke enough to want a bottle and konked back out. Here is to hoping he sleeps all night!

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