Monday, July 27, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was short and sweet....

MemaNana, Kale and I made a garage sale and lunch and grocery store trip. We got back to the house with a snoozing boy around 2pm. We also had a free flinstone type car that Kale had acquired along the way. Ep had been fishing all day, but joined us back at the house around 3pm. Ep grilled some hot dogs and then we sent MemaNana home.

Kale went to sleep in his bed but magically woke up right after I left his room. He "pweease"ed for some more milk and crawled into bed with us. We all slept in fits...really not sure who was to blame for that.

Sunday was a casual morning around the house and LOOK OUT, part of the DECK got a coat of sealant. WHOOOHOOO! Lunch and naptime led to Ep going to work out while Kale and I went to Target and Barnes & Noble. Warning, if you take Kale to B&N, he knows they have a train table in the kid's section and he will take off running for it. Don't even think about going to find a book or magazine to read or the ENTIRE store will know that you are depriving Kale of train table time. We grabbed a quick dinner and headed to the park, only to find that the park has apparently become thug central, so we headed home. Kale got some much loved flinstone car time with the newest car (although it actually looks to be the oldest of the group). It was a sad, sad moment when he had to come inside and the car had to stay outside. Only a bath could begin to make the transition a little easier.

Ep did a great job at geting Kale ready for bed and managed to get him to sleep. He slept pretty fitfully, despite a dose of Benadryl for his congestion. I got up to check on him and help him back to sleep 2-3 times and then he ended up in our bed with a new bottle around 5am. He slept until 7:30am.

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