Sunday, July 12, 2009

RIP Mr Feets

Today is a sad day at our house. Mr Feets, our rabbit, was not acting himself this morning. Kale went over to give him a treat and Mr Feets didn't come to the edge of his cage. Everything has been normal for him, so that was the first sign that something was wrong. Upon inspection, it seemed he could not get himself upright and was pretty much not responding to anything. I put a treat in front of his mouth and normally he would have gobbled it right up. He didn't even open his mouth or wiggle his nose at it. Over the course of the next hour, he continued to decline and his breathing became shallow. I saw him take a couple of big breaths and then he stopped breathing.

Its quite a shock and the reality of it all hasn't quite set in. We plan to bury him at our neighbors property because they have several other pets buried in a specific location. His grave will be respected there. We have already placed him in a box and I added his hippo in with him. I can't think about it too much or I will cry.

Mr Feets was a very good rabbit who liked to let you know his territory and who/what he claimed as his. He loved craisins, cranberries, and dried bananas. He like to have the run of the house. He would "inspect" any power cord he could find and a corner of our spare couch was apparently a good nibbling spot. Since other rabbits weren't an option, he took up residence and quite a romantic relationship with a stuffed green hippo. He knew how to thump and would let you know if something upset him. He was a good friend and we will all truly miss him.

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Amy said...

Oh, so sad. I'm sorry. Mr. Feets lived a great life with you guys, though. A rabbit couldn't have asked for a better family, I don't think...