Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big changes coming

There are some big changes coming to the land of Fletcherville. Soon, Kale will be starting daycare. Yes, daycare. No, we did not fire his current nanny. She just needs some time at her house to get some things done. Kale needs some socialization with kids his age. So, he is starting daycare soon. We expected it to take a bit to find a daycare we liked that also had an opening for his age group. There is a particular one I had in mind, but didn't expect them to have an opening for him. Its highly recommended and very convenient to downtown. God works in the biggest and smallest of ways. They have an opening for him! Yea!

Some of us are excited, some of us are worried, some of us are eager, and some of us are trying to figure out how we are going to cope. Kale has no clue what is headed his way.

Let's just say that MemaNana is VERY motivated to get her tasks in Alma completed....

I am just thankful to find a good center that is highly recommended AND that has an opening for Kale. I was prepared to have to drive 10-15 minutes completely out of my way in the morning and afternoons in addition to the time it takes to drop off and pick up, so I am truly feeling blessed that it will only be about a 5 minute drive off the regular course!

Oh, and my father in law showed up on facebook today.

Whew! I am not sure I am ready for whatever Wednesday might hold! :)
(but know God won't give me more than I can handle!)

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Amy said...

It will take some getting used to for ALL of you, for sure. But I'm a true believer that interaction with other kids in a daycare setting is great for them... Never mind that it also makes me feel better about it. But I really do think it's been great for Ivie thus far...