Thursday, July 23, 2009

It continues...and grows...and stops

Ep picked up Kale from school yesterday. It was actually the first time Ep had been there, so I was excited for him to not only see the school, but to also get in on the "I'm so happy to see you" action from Kale. He said that he walked up to the doorway of Kale's classroom and it looked like there were only 4 kids on the classroom. He said that Kale hadn't seen him yet, so Ep said "hi there!". Then it was game on. Little heads and bodies started appearing from behind toy bins and bookcases. Kale screamed and kept screaming (it was a happy yell). By the time Kale could get to Ep, he had company. I asked Ep what he thought about Kale's room and he said he doesn't even really remember the room because he was too busy giving high five's and such. He said he didn't dare step over the door gate and enter the land of little people, so everything was handed to him by the teacher. His main comments about the kids: there was one little girl who chatted him up but he has NO IDEA what she said....and that all the kids seemed to have blond hair. Well, it is true for about 50% of the class. Kale is the lone red (orange) hair kid. Not surprising really.

So this morning, Kale was rip roaring ready to go with me. He definitely has his daddy's "good morning get up and go" gene. We didn't even get out of our neighborhood until he started whining at me to turn on his music. So much for adult music in the car with him anymore...goodbye radio. When we exited the interstate into downtown, he started whimpering. By the third stop light, it had turned into a broken cry with a few whails in it. By the time we pulled up in front of school, he was NOT happy and was really crying. I didn't have to hold him to get him out of the car because he was clinging to me. I carried him in and the staff at the front desk took note that Kale was unhappy. We went to his room, where he whailed when I put him down to get out his cup/bottle to put in his classroom fridge. The toddler director came to the classroom since she knew Kale was upset and its still his first week. I picked him back up, gave him a kiss, and handed him off to Bubba. I told him goodbye and walked toward the door. Bubba walked the other way across the room toward the fridge and asked Kale if he wanted juice. Sure enough, I took one look back and Kale had stopped I kept going. I heard the toddler director say "good job Bubba". Truly, good job Bubba!

Oh, and for the record...Kale went to bed last night around 7:30 and was asleep by 7:50 AND he slept until 5:15am!!!! Whooohoooo! Yea for school wearing out his little booty!

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