Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Round 2

Well, that wasn't the easiest thing ever, but it wasn't the hardest thing Kale and I have achieved together either. Whew. He might tell it differently.

My version: He was all about leaving the house with me this morning. His only hiccup was the fact that he adamantly wanted to wear a specific pair of shoes. No problem, kiddo! We waved bye bye to Mema and off we went. We rocked out the VeggiTales cd along the way and then parked in front of the school. We got out, waved to the security guard, and went into school. He knew where to go. I was shocked. He did try to stop one classroom too soon, but hey...its only his second day. We got to the class and he wanted to go in. I went in with him to put up his milk and make sure his teacher knew that I put extra snacks in his bag in the event he decided to not like his lunch. The kids were being served breakfast (Cheerios in milk in a bowl with a spoon) and I realized this would be first for Kale. As Ep and I agree most time when we discover we have been denying Kale something or we forget something for him (diaper bag maybe?), we are such bad parents. So green. Rookies. Anyway, this rookie realized that her boy was about to have his first cereal WITH milk in the bowl. He dove right into it, as long as I would sit beside him. After about 4 bites, he decided that me sitting beside him wasn't enough. I needed to feed him so that he could clink to me with both hands if necessary. I conceded only because I figured he was eventually going to be mad at me, so it might as well be with a full belly. When he stopped eating, his teacher came over and I handed his little screaming and crying body over to her. I got up, turned around, said goodbye, and walked out. Do you know the good thing about a daycare? It has a BUNCH of kids in it. No matter how trained you are to your kids ear, eventually his crying will blend in with all the other kid noises if you go far enough down the hallway. I did hear one last scream/cry before I left. Somehow, I managed to hold it together.

Here is his version: My stupid mean mommy took me to school again. I liked it yesterday just because it was something new and different. I didn't know she would be taking me back there again. I thought it was like going to the library, where I go once or twice a week for just a little while. Oh no, she leaves me there for hours on end. My plan is to cling and cry if she tries to leave me there again. Mema, lets watch a video before mommy tries to take me to school. Oh, I get to go somewhere with mommy today. Yea! I MUST wear these shoes. They don't match my outfit and that will make my mommy cringe. I have to hit her in the soft spot to keep her in line ya know! I got my way, I am wearing the shoes I wanted to wear. I wonder where we are going? Oh, I know where we are. We came here yesterday. I am "aw duh" with sitting in my car seat. Grab my bag mom. Hi mister policeman. Mom, let me lead, I know where to go. See, here are my new friends. Wait, are you going to leave agian? I don't think so mommy. You need to hold me. I need to hold your shirt sleeve. What is the teacher putting in my bowl? Cheerios. What else did she put in there? Wow, mommy did you know that you can put milk in with the cereal? I like eating with my spoon. I need a drink. Thats some good juice. Mom, why don't you feed me so I can hold onto you with both hands. Ok, thats good, I am full. Wait, why are you handing me to my teacher. Waaaaaaaaa, with a scream or two....waaaaaaaaa. Mom, where did you go? I hate my mommy....waaaaaaaa.....

Both of us: Yes, this will get better....or so everyone says.

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