Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, I think Ep said it best today. We were discussing all the changes we have thrown at Kale the past couple of weeks. Ep's comment: "well, we haven't exactly taken baby steps with the changes." I think Kale would say: TRUE DAT, DADA!

It was a rough night at our house. We aren't sure why. Kale had a dose of Benadryl for congestion and later a dose of Tylenol because he just seemed to be uncomfortable and has been putting his hands in his mouth a lot lately (teething again/still?). Kale wasn't happy in his bed, and not happy in our bed either. It was like trying to sleep with a wild and whiney vermin in a cage. Ep took the brunt of it with a head butt from Kale in the middle of the night. All I heard was a big crunch followed by a big "OW" from Ep and a cry from whiney. I wasn't sure either of them was conscious, so I asked Ep if he was ok. "Yes" followed by a few words I won't type here. Meanwhile, Kale zonked back out, which made me wonder if he had knocked himself out, so I got up and turned on the bathroom light to check him...he eyeballed me as if to say "Geez mom, what is with the light, don't you know its the middle of the night and I am takign my 10 minute nap right now?". Ok, well, they both started snoring again and I just laid there for a bit. Until the next whine. Somehow, I managed to have some dreams and actually remember them. Usually, I don't remember dreams unless I have slept for over 8 hours straight...so that was kind of strange.

Ep rolled out of bed and out of the house by 7am. Kale decided to sleep in until 8am, at which time I could no longer delay getting into the shower. As soon as I turned on the shower, he sat straight up in bed with a look that said: mom, you don't think you are taking a shower without me, right? So here he came and as soon as the SOAKED diaper came off, here came the pee as well. Wonderful. No son, don't point it at me. Yes, that stream is coming from you. Here let me set you on the toilet. Oh, you are now scared of the toilet? He managed to pee in three spots on the bathroom rug, one spot on our bedroom carpet, in my hand, and finally in the shower BUT NO, NOT IN THE TOILET! I just grabbed him and stuck him in the shower where the peeing continued and I marveled at how big of a boy he will someday be when he eventually grows into his obviously enormous bladder. How do I know? Because after peeing in all of those other spots, he stood in the shower and peed for at least another minute straight. I tried to show him what he was doing in the name of eventually potty training. Yet, as he bent to look over his buddah belly, all the muscles that turn off the spout must have been activated because he would stop. Then he would straighten back up and on the spout would be! He did reach down and feel the stream and thought it was funny. Ah, he is a boy. Gross. To his defense, a pee stream is no different than a small water trickle coming from the shower or garden hose. But still. EW! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. We got out of the shower, both of us very clean...I put him in a diaper, which he promptly stunk up.

Somehow, we managed to both get dressed and get out of the house. Barely. It was as this point that Kale discovered it had been raining. Oh, the puddles and look mommy, my car has a HUGE puddle in the seat and I can splash it with my hand. How we managed to get all the way into the truck without either one of us being soaked is still beyond me. Don't ask, because I really can't tell you how that happened. It defied logic. I am telling you, two mud puddles and a puddled up car...the odds were strongly against it (me).

I am really hoping that this is NOT our new morning routine. Now, can someone please go help my father in law because I am certain that he was sitting at his desk reading this but is now laying in the floor laughing. He might need some help getting back up.

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