Tuesday, July 21, 2009

....and so it goes

Quick update on how his first day of school went:

He apparently didn't get upset that he had been "left".

At lunch, he wouldn't touch his hamburger, scarfed down the tater tots, and was not a fan of the peaches (he spit them out). They didn't know to tell him to try them again because he spits out anything that is a new taste or texture, whether he likes the taste or not. Now they know.

He manage to take a 30 minute nap. The teacher held him so he could drink his bottle. He can't lay down with his bottle, per a wonderful DHS rule. So, the plan is to get the other kids down and then she will hold Kale to let him drink his milk and drift off to sleep. I am wondering how this will transfer to nap time at home. Hmmmm....

He played, played, played until I came to pick him up. I snuck up on him and observed for a few minutes before I let him see me. He was playing with another little boy. When he saw me, he did a double take. It was priceless. My friend Amy is right...there is nothing like that moment when he sees me at the end of the day. I have pictures and will post them in a bit.

This is what he was doing when I snuck by his classroom. See, already learning about sharing!
This was when he spied me at the door and came running at me with waving hands!

School wore his little hiney out. That 30 minute nap wasn't nearly enough. We made our way through dinner and bath time and off to bed.

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