Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fouth of July Fun

In true Fourth of July flair, we decided to buy fireworks this year. We introduced them to the kiddo last night. He pretty much wasn't a fan of sparklers (us holding, him watching) or anything else you would think that a toddler might like. The surprise is that he LOVES watching roman candles go off. Kids...

We had round 2 tonight. We bought more stuff like tanks, chickens, brighter sparklers, parachute men, and all kinds of things we thought he might like. You guessed it, he still just wants to watch the roman candles. Oh, and there are currently two different parachute men stuck in the trees at the end of our road. Whoops.

While we were out, it started to sound like a small war was taking shape around us. We live in the country, so there is no limit to what you can set off out here. Somebody close by loves firecrackers (the kind that have about 100+ simultaneously going off) and somebody else or maybe even the same somebody has artillery shells. Really, there have been a couple of booms that could have been a house blowing up for all we know. Seriously, its that loud.

Have you ever tried putting a two year old to bed in the midst of what sounds like a war? Yeah, he lasted about 10 minutes in his bed before he came looking for his daddy. Meanwhile, I bet the dog is out there wondering when the ducks will start falling out of the sky...he is trained to hunt and associates those loud booms with gunshot.

Seriously, it sounds like a war out there!

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insteadofthedishes said...

Sounds like you had a great 4th! I'm just stopping by to invite you over to the Arkansas Women Bloggers site. We'd love to have you link up, and are also looking for guest posters if you are interested.